Steven (chemicalpilate) wrote,

You Are What You Eat

Went to bed early last night for the first time in a week; reading at 11:30 and asleep at midnight.

In the first part, I was an outsider. The only clear memory now is of a rock embedded to the left of my left knee, under the skin but visible like only a thin layer of epidermis kept it in. I popped it like I would a zit to reveal a rough stone an inch across and half an inch deep. The wound was mericfully painless and bloodless.

In the second part, I was an insider. We were hosting a Thanksgiving (nee Friendsgiving) in our small, well-lighted house. A colleague from two gigs prior was attending, with his own haughty cooking equipment and reluctant gratitude of participation. The food was excellent I remember being warm.

Woke up around 6:15am to be at the dining hall by 7 which it turns out is 30 minutes early for breakfast. Read a book.
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