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the fraud

earlier in the day, we went out for Thai food. i haven't been out to eat in weeks; it was good, but food at home is just as good. less varied though. Vy asked what are my favorite subjects of math. i said i couldn't choose between number theory, geometry, and linear algebra. Cindy made a joke about getting a2 + b2 = c2 which Vy said wasn't as awesome as E = mc2. i dissented in that the Pythagorean theorem was how the Greeks arrived at the reality of irrational numbers. definitely killed the conversation.

fell asleep early, lying on the couch and listening to a YouTube video in which someone describes the state of the old eMachines "Never Obsolete" computer.

the dream was kind of split into two parts, but together they formed a single cohesive whole.

in the first part of the dream, i am trying to enroll in a q-bio class which is a follow-up to the previous class i audited a few years ago. the instructor, my previous adviser, said that it probably wasn't a good idea for me to enroll in a class he was teaching. "too soon."

there was some kind of interlude where i was walking around in the woods. Cindy was there for this part. there was water running through it, and the water was maybe deeper, but the shore was definitely different. rockier in places, some sandy flat spots gone. i waded through part of it, but my pants were woven so tightly that i just had to brush off the water when i got out. arrived at some version of the high school i attended. Cindy had to go, so we kissed goodbye and i went in.

i had no schedule, and the school couldn't print one out of me, so i wandered around, lost. somehow i knew i had been prevented from enrolling as some result of a failed prerequisite, or some questionable mark. a vice principal (who looked remarkably like Keanu Reeves) told me that the detectives on my case had said that when they got my story, it was identical to the one i'd told the school, though i can't say what that story had been. i was in a panic: a fellowship that was paying my salary was linked to me being enrolled as a full-time student.

i woke up in a sweat.

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